Janeric Johansson

Small Paintings On Metal

Kunming, China 2005 and Landskrona, Sweden 2007

Already 1993 when I first started to work on Galvanized Metal I got the idea to make small paintings in the size of 14,5 x 24 cm. Since then I have made hundreds of paintings in the same size. To give myself some limits and see what’s possible out from that has been a challenge for me. I normally never make sketches, but through this I have tested a lot of ideas. After some years I decided to combine this small paintings with frames made out of plywood in the size of 60 x 60 cm. In the middle there is a hole with a box, were the metal paintings are floating freely on the top, surrounded of a black and white painting made of acrylic mixed with sand, which gives the special texture. The inspiration for this frames mostly coming out of simple telephone scribble. I made these frames separately and later on I can see which ones fits best together. Because of the same size I can hang them very different from one exhibition to another, either separately or in a group. I sometimes can make an arrangement with 10-15 paintings where some of them are hanging very high and some close to the floor. The space of the Museum or Gallery gives the inspiration for different hangings.


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