Janeric Johansson


2005-2007 Material acrylic on canvas and galvanized metal 330 x 180 cm

The word watershed often uses when something dramatic happens. So it did the 11th of September 2001 in New York. But also in our personal lives comes situations, which make our life not the same as before. In China the Yin and Yang thinking says that a bad thing can be balanced by a good one. And in many ways I agree with this thinking. But if you always think like this it can be a problem. Sometimes we have to make a distinction between good and evil. Don’t just accept the evil things. Fight the evil with the good!!! From the front this painting looks very abstract, but when you move in the room, walking all the way to the wall it suddenly change and you will see Chinese characters. From the left side you will see the words for: Hate, Evil, Lies, Terror and Oppression. But from the right side you find something more positive: Love, Freedom, Truth, Friendship and Righteousness. The red colour in both sides maybe look the same but it can represent both War and Blood, but also Heart and Happiness.

[caption id="attachment_380" align="alignnone" width="802" caption="Staffanstorps Art Gallery, Sweden.2006"][/caption]


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