Janeric Johansson


2008 Acrylic and sand on canvas and metal 194 x 194 cm

This painting was made for an exhibition in Sfax, Tunisia 2008. Since the year 2000 I have been giving lectures, taking parts in projects and exhibitions a couple of times in Tunisia. This idea deals with the difficulties and possibilities to meet and communicate from one part of the world to another. In the centre you can find a circle filled with an almost arabic pattern, which is at the same time lines of communications. There are possibilities to reach each other but sometimes complicated and easy to loose the line. Four metal parts are going out from the canvas, showing the words east-west-north-south, in english and arabic. But you can only see this when you are moving yourself out from your narrow view. Behind the pattern of lines, you can see an oval projection of the globe with Europe i the centre. Here you can discover that Sweden and Tunisia are not so far from each other. It is a painting about to build bridges between north and south, I mean south of Sweden and North Africa.


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