Janeric Johansson

Tunnel Light

2009 Acrylic and sand on canvas, 9 parts 390 x 290 cm

This painting is one of the biggest that I have ever done. It is 3 meter high and 4 meter long, and is made out of 9 different canvas sizes. I chose this form because I wanted it to be like a sculpture on the wall. The walls in my chinese studio are a little weak so I couldn´t nail it up on the wall. That made the work quite difficult to manage and it was just in the end after it was put together by 25 screws that I could see the result. My studio is situated on the 4th floor on the roof of an old factory building at Kunming Loft, and when I had to take it down it was too big for the stairs. So I decide to send it down by ropes from the roof. It became an exciting experience for all of us involved. Because of all the wooden frames it was quite heavy, also that day was very windy and we had to pass some electric cables on the way down. When we got it down we had our last challenge, to pass through a door to the gallery and all of us said:"It´s too big", but it got in, and another cm could have made it impossible. Many of the chinese visitors saw in this painting an image of a big eye. And it created a lot of questions. When one stands in front of this painting, because of it's size, it is almost as if you get absorbed by the darkness. But there is also the light, almost like a door which you can focus on and enter. As some one chinese spectator commented:" So you mean that there is a hope"


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